Ain KOHGEN: Artist who depicts the Providence and Will of God

She portrays the providence and will of God.
She sometimes depicts God's figure as a figurative painting, sometimes as an abstract painting, or as a landscape painting, at God's direction.


Flame of God’s Light – Paradise of Creation and Birth

98 cm x 131 cm Acrylic on canvas

Gift 1  - from God the Father

“ Blooming lives attempt to see the gate of light.

These lives are now receiving my breath and power before me.

Creation and release. Birth and Intension. Attempting to recall this form of God.

Like I can see you, you are able to see me too.

At this very moment, you see me, my work.”

“ The pulsation and the respiration become one.

That is all you have to contemplate.”

“ Infinite universe and life and respiration, those define your fusion with me.”


“The moment the captured heart is released, that appears with my work. 

 That is the Heartbeat, the Breath, that appears with my work. 

 They are the pulsation and breath of creation and intention. 

 It is the almighty power, the power of creation and intention, that removes any and  all evilness.”

Garden of Love

131 cm x 90 cm Acrylic on canvas

Gift 2 - from God the Father

“ I shall bloom within you the moment you exist with love without bemusement by the ego of self or others.

Do not suppress my love to bloom within you.

Together we will respire love.

Exhale love, inhale love.”

“ Only that can fill you with me.

And reach. Come within my existence where all things respire as love.

Shower me that is inside you with love and affection. That is the answer to all.”


“The moment the power is released, you exist. That is your existence form as love. 

 The moment you acknowledge that this power lies within all things, you reach your sacred form. 

 You become the sacred light. 

 Acknowledge the vows for love. You are connected with all living things through love.” 

Fountain of Benevolence – Flower of Benevolence that blooms in the shade and the sun

131 cm x 90 cm Acrylic and Sumi ink on canvas

Gift 3 

“ Let me tell you why the traveling lives travel.

To return to this fountain.

The sacred respiration... Inhaling and exhaling energy inside the fountain. And repeat.

Pass through the fountain depicted here, and immerse in the circulation of light.”

          - Jesus Christ


“This fountain exists in the world of the sun; A fountain of life that produces and foster 

 all lives. Things given lives by the Earth and things living on the Earth are all involved in this fountain. 

 Do not look on the outside. This fountain fills within you. This is the letter from me.”  

          - the Great Father

Splash of Eternity

131 cm x 90 cm Acrylic on canvas

Gift 4  - from God the Father

“ You will lose sight of me as soon as you forget that all lives exist as one.

That means to lose sight of yourself who is a part of all lives.

That means to separate from the wise providence of the universe, and trapped inside yourself as a human-being.

Rejoice the order of love, order of benevolence, order of eternity.

Rejoice “me” within you, my sacredness, my power.”


“The power revives the moment your form of light is recalled. 

 That is the splash of my eternity. 

 You are no one. That is the form of you with me. 

 See the reality within the light. Release your hidden power.”

7 Components of Life – Eternal Circulation of Emitting and Accepting

117 cm x 82 cm Acrylic and Sumi ink on canvas

Gift 5  - from Jesus Christ

“ Components of life brought back to life by recalling. “Creation, Sublime, Union, Ministration, Coalescence, Wisdom, Release”

That is the form of self as power.

When you break through illusion and emit the sacred respiration, the body transforms to power.

Contemplate these seven powers and the light that overflows from inside you.

I breath here. Respiration that gives and is given.

“yourself who can give and receive power” is the order that exists in all lives.”

“ Repeat the respiration here at the home of the sun.”


“My face and body are there. My power flows in there, too.

Celebration to the Earth – The Place where the Breath of Creation is Infused into Earth

117 cm x 82 cm Acrylic on canvas

Gift 6 - from God the Father

“ Power that spreads forever. Where is that overflowing from?

You. It is from you.

Your true self is here. The place where heaven and the Earth connect. The place where I  shed.

I am the God’s breath, the breath of creation.

Contemplate the eternity. And contemplate that that exists within yourself.

When you connect with the power of eternity, you will come to see me.”

“ Listen to the exhaling and inhaling breaths. Listen within the eternity.”


“When the light appears on the land, my body becomes a multitude of splashes and lives, and are infused. 

 I exist within exhaled breaths.  I exist within inhaled breaths. ー This is the respiration of the Earth. 

 Leaving this respiration is exactly when all captivities attack you. 

 This holy respiration will never be lost.

Skin of the great Father Breath of Jesus

117 cm x 82 cm Acrylic and Sumi ink on canvas

Gift 7 

“ My breaths become power and lives.

This providence is the unchangeable truth of life.”

“Draw my body”

          - God the Father


“ I exist within the exhaling breaths and inhaling breaths.”

“Tell the people in this world. I am inside of your exhaled breath and inhaled breath as well.

          - Jesus Christ

Gate to the Root of Power – This is a place called the Garden of Eden. – the Great Father

92 cm x 146 cm Acrylic and Sumi ink on canvas

Gift 8    - from God the Father

The Garden of Eden: Home of the Circulation of the Sacred God

“Exhaled breaths, inhaled breath, they are all my forms. 

 When power exists, exist within that power with me. 

 This is a place called the Garden of Eden.”


“ Sacred pulsation and sacred respiration always exist within the circulation of the release and intension of my power.

The Garden of Eden is the home of lives that reflect the process of the creation and birth of myself who is the infinite order.

And you humans will all return to this sacred home.

Those who bloom their lives will all pass through this gate of light and return inside me.”


“ Those with brightened lives forsake their own brightness and fall into sorrow and agony. If this goes on much longer, human will completely lose the sight of "me."”

“ I am there when you open your eyes or close your eyes.

Open the gate and you will see me in all of creation with your inner vision.

Do not fear the unification with power.”



Fusion with the Power

53 cm x 53 cm Acrylic and Sumi ink on canvas

Gift 9 - from Jesus Christ

“The altar widens. The altar fills within you. 

 That is my respiration. 

 Exhale my breath. 

 Inhale my respiration. 

 I tell you, that is the fusion with the sacred power.”


“ I shall grant you the power. I shall grant you my power.

Freedom is “me” who extends and can be found when you become naked and shed your body and soul.

True freedom past darkness and light shall appear the moment you shed darkness and light.

Contemplate the power. Contemplate the power that diversifies inside me."  



Garden of Jesus

53 cm x 53 cm Acrylic on canvas

Gift 10 - from Jesus Christ

“ I am in the exhaled breaths. I am in the inhaled breaths.

The moment you realize “I” am within your breaths, your sacred light will appear at this Garden.

Yes. This Garden is filled with the breaths of sacred lives that were born.

I touch your respiration. Your respiration touches me.

The overlapping respiration, the fused respiration, the repeating respiration. Those will never vanish.”

“ Know the truth. This truth.

By just existing, I overflow.

I love you and everything else.”


“The time you release a light that will overwhelm the others, you will see a light that   

 overwhelms you as much. 

 Because the breaths you send and the breaths I send are overflowing from everything 

 at the same time. 

 Listen. Fusion with the power shall reflect who you truly are. That is the great power,  

 the absolute power.”

The Place where the Heaven meets the Earth

53 cm x 53 cm Acrylic on canvas

Gift 11  - from God the Father

“ If you do not fight the order of life, you will learn the darkness produced by light and light produced by darkness as the love of God and the love of the Earth.

See the Earth in Heavens and see the Heaven in Earth.”

“ Know that "I" am the shade as well as the sun. 

There is nothing that separates from the God in the sacred circulation of life.

Contemplate my respiration within the form of circulation of morning and night.

Here spreads the providence of life.”


“When the disconnected lives recall the one respiration, all will return to the internal of the power.


The place where all breathe as one.” 

Work of the Macrocosmos and the God’s Golden Eyes

60 cm in diameter

Gift 12 from Jesus Christ

“ Open your eyes.

The moment the inner golden eyes open, you shall see the truth that is at the end of captivity.

Contemplate the celebration woven by all lives.”


“The intertwined chains of illusion. The chain of misfortune. Those who forsake these chains shall see the golden eyes of God.”


*These messages are drawn as is by Ain who was given the words “give to all along with painting” by the great God and Jesus.

“ My essence inlaid into my paintings are also an essence of life from all living things.

Human shall never forget that they are God’s essence themselves; they are Essence of life themselves.

That is to say, all lives and human race connect as one to become the true self. ”

- God the Father


“ What is hidden is your true power,

which is brought back to life when the sacred respiration resumes.

These paintings are given for that reason. ”

- Jesus Christ


At the Garden of Gethsemane, by the divine guidance of Jesus, the great Heavenly Father, glowing in gold, appeared in front of Ain and said

“Show the gate to true freedom to the wandering souls.”

“You have the capability to show the world you see, the true world.

And I am showing all things.”

It was immediately after that that Ain took brush in hand in earnest.

What the art suggests


Here you see the great Heavenly Father’s volition. The volitions of the earth and Mother Nature that transferred from the Father’s volition are embodied on the canvas through Ain’s touch. These are the breaths/pulsation of the universe as well as the circulation system of love. Each art piece is drawn as the “gate to freedom” that will release the sealed souls, and is accompanied by the holy message from the great Heavenly Father.


Drawings are not painted on Ain’s Personal Level


Japanese sumi ink used for calligraphy is often used as well. For Ain, the action of rubbing down the sumi ink-stick itself is a celestial time to fuse with the breath and pulsation of Nature. When actually painting, Ain offers her heart and soul and surrenders herself to process the production of art pieces under the specific guidance given by the volition regarding brushwork, method of painting, color specification, and structure during necessary steps, as well as the distinctive feature(s) of the art piece such as the “symbol representing the wisdom within the universe”


Miracles of Art : Dialogue with the Invisible Being


The volition of the earth and Mother Nature will directly speak to you through the art pieces. “Notice my inmost existence!” “Merge with me!” Human beings are not the only ones with a spirit. All lives on earth and Mother Nature have a spirit, have volition. Love circulates. Putting together eternal process under one breath and pulsation. The earth wishes that mankind recollects this fact.



As a mystic, Ain Kohgen has established a fusion-meditation as guidance towards “Returning to God,” and has been guiding in Okinawa, Japan. She was given the Treasure of the Universe by God in order to guide the people towards “Returning to God” by drawings and songs ever since 2013. Ain Kohgen has established the style of drawing the visions shown to her every day by God as is. Ain herself does not know what she is going to draw until she completes the piece. She simply entrusts herself to God’s guidance and draws with facility.


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